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Vrinda Kapoor

Mrs. Vrinda Kapoor

Vrinda Kapoor, an honours Student in English Literature and a Postgraduate in Tourism and Management, was involved with the Tourism Sector of the Airlines, and, subsequently, also was Professor on Tourism Management Studies, with APJ Group of Professional Institutes.
In the year 1989, she got actively involved with “NEPTUNE” and played a very active role, towards, the “Administrative and Human Resource Development” of the NEPTUNE Organization.
She evolved with the NEPTUNE Organization and used all her skills, ideologies, social etiquettes and Passion towards the Promotional Development of the Organization.
An avid writer with an imaginative mind, she has to her credit written compositions and “Beautiful Poetic Expressions”. Also, her wandering instincts to travel and explore the world has motivated her to travel to almost all the corners of India and the world.
A truly Self-motivated and Positive Minded Person, she remains the “Force to achieve all – with perfection, in a systemised manner”.

Ms. Devika Kapoor

Devika Kapoor, the daughter of Deepak Kapoor and Vrinda Kapoor has done her Finance Management from Middlesex University, Dubai.
Extremely talented and artistic in nature, her Passion, is seen in the colourful canvasses, in where her imaginative expression are born and created.
She is also an expert in concepts of “Home and Office Interiors” and this combined with her sophisticated and cultured taste and beautiful artistic imagination create interiors that are a delight to both, “The Mind and the Eye”.
She too is fond of travelling and searching knowledge by trotting around the Globe.
Her determination is to “Seek her Dreams” and “Create her Imagination”, With this philosophy in mind she plans to roll the “Wheel of her life” synthesising it with traits of her personality that include “Respecting the Psychological minds of all beings” and “Achievement through tenderness and the Mantra of Serenity.